Get Grooving with latest “US” Plate Number

Start Pricing for US1 – US1000 Number Plate:

  • US 1 – RM500,000
  • US4 – RM500,000
  • US 2 to 9 – RM250,000
  • US10 – RM100,000
  • Double Number ( US 11, US 22 US 33 ) – RM50,000
  • Triple Number (US 999 , US 888, US 666 ) – RM3,000

Having a car is no more a luxury but a necessity in this modern tech-driven world. However, having a special car number is definitely a luxury. It is your primary source of identity. For some, it is something to flaunt in social circles. Once you have a unique car number, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. You might be looking to get that special car number for your car and wondering, ’where do I begin’’? Well, you are in the right place. 


To all the Malaysians, the much awaited Latest “US1-US1000” Vehicle Number Plate system has opened for bidding. If you have not booked a number yet, then hurry up. Bidding closes on August 20.

These special number plates in the US series are going to dot the streets in Malaysia after the launch of US1-US1000 series. Don’t get confused with the name US as it is definitely not the short form of the United States. Rather, it represents the founding company, Seniman.

This Malaysian artists association (Seniman) has taken an initiative to raise funds and help the artists of the group. The normal number plates run from 1 to 9999 but these unique number plates range from 1 to 1000, so you need to start bidding before you’re cut off by time.

The estimated bid for US 1 is obviously the highest so if you are targeting to get that, be ready to part with well over RM500,000. Other highly priced ones are the gold double numbers like 22, 55, 77 for which the reserve price is set to be RM50,000. Another number in great demand is US10 priced at RM100,000. You can also get the triple numbers for as low as RM3000 to RM5000.

So, get going! Or should we say get bidding! Book your favorite number before the auction closes. Of course the plates will be issued by Road Transport Department (JPJ). A prior approval has been ensured so you need not worry. If your bid is successful, you can expect to get your number registered by October 1.

This is a great opportunity not to be missed.