The Latest RR Number Plate Series

Latest RR Vehicle Number Plate Results

It has been confirmed that the recently launched ‘RR’ plate number series has replaced the ‘RM’ number plate as the most successful and profitable licensed registrar from JPJ Perlis.The ‘RR’ is a number plate with the RR code with its fashionable and glitzy connotations which make it look good on luxury cars and superbikes. The ‘RR’ number plate was reported to have fetched the State’s Road Transport Department a whooping sum of RM7.2 million while the ‘RM’ number plate netted a lower sum of RM7.1 million.

Mohd Tarmizi Ghazali, the spokesman of JPJ Perlis, released the information to media outlets a few days ago.He revealed that the State’s Department received as many as 7,960 bids for the registration numbers. He also made mention that the bids for top ‘RR’ plate numbers beat the previous record for a plate number of RM297,000 done for the ‘RM8’ in 2015.

Again, we were informed that Sultan Muhammad V ( The current Sultan of Kelantan and Yang di-Pertuan Aging of Malaysia ) won the bid for the ‘RR9’ and ‘RR6’ and the two bids cost the Sultan RM396,800 and RM459,000 respectively.

Moreover, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah of Selangor won the bid for ‘RR11’ at a princely sum of RM268,400.The successful bidders for the other categories of the ‘RR’ number plate series were also revealed to the public.

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