Get a “U Number Plate” registration and show the world who U are

Vehicles are a part of our identity. Who we are as people are often reflected in our choice of cars. Thus, it is a common idea that people would want their cars to have a touch of themselves. One way for achieving that is through the registration number of the car. Car owners, hence, prefer to have numbers which hold a special value for them and is meaningful to them, to be used as the registration number for their car. These alpha-numeric registration plates can consist of ones initials, or birthday, anniversary date, or even dates that are related to people close to them.

For this very purpose, after the success of the F and AKU plates registration by the Road Transport Department (JPJ), it is currently open for the public to get their hands on the most unique registration code, the U number plates. It is the latest craze to have hit the masses and time is ticking to grab the registration plate of your choice.

The Management Secretariat has opened up the registration plate options, starting from U1, going up to U9999. The dates for registering your alpha numeric plates opened up on August 21st and this window of opportunity shall close on September 8th.


Tender Close : September 8th 2017

The Spokesperson for the U Plate Registration, Mohd Johari Mohd Noor has informed people about how they can submit their bid for a registration. Their is no price fixed by the company. Applicants can secure their bid with a 50 percent deposit of the original price. As there is no maximum bid which can be made on a registration number, it shall be contested, based upon the affordability of each applicant. One can even bid as low as RM50, but most of the people applying have reserved their spots by opening their bids with RM300.

A single form can be used for a single number plate application. However, the list of bidders and their bidding amount shall not be disclosed before the date of declaration of the winners, on September 18th. The list of the numbers and highest bidders shall be displayed at the state JPJ notice boards and other suitable places.

Amongst the highest contended plates and numbers are U1, U2, U14, U21, U8055 and UAI, which also stands to reperesent Ustaz Azhar Idrus, the famous Islamic teacher. It is the final leg of the chance to get a U plate registered for your car, before the time runs out on September 8th. After all, would you like to see a number that is special to you, on the plate of somebody else’s car?