Estimate RM1,000,000 Price for AKU 8055 from JPJ Perak

There are people who would love to have Boss in their number plate of the vehicle. The recent craze for getting those number plates is a part of the AKU series which will be available through tender within this fortnight. There is certain number combination like 805, 8055 and 1305 which with slight graphical modification could be presented as the word BOSS. There are many people looking for this number plate including state JPJ director Mohd Zawawi Zakaria, who was expressed strong interest to get those number combinations. It was warned by him not to modify anything with numbers like 1305. The state leader confirmed that the numbers are divided into three parts Attractive numbers (11 to 19), repetitive numbers (66, 777, and 999) or golden numbers (1 to 10).

Popular number starts from RM300, Golden numbers start from RM10, 000, repetitive numbers are started from RM2000. The bidding closes in July and the normal numbers like 805, 8055, and 1305 will be listed as golden numbers. Azizi Rahman, one of the important businessman of that area has expressed interest on taking the number 2121 which with graphical modifications could be turn into AZizi’ which is the short form of his name. The factory technician Azlan Abd Jamil expressed his desire to get a car with 8500 number. He bought car years ago and wanted it to be 8500 but it was not possible at that time. So the man is really interested to get it now. He got the number 8501 in his car and within few days he met with an accident. The technician has expressed his urge to buy a scooter if he gets the number which he desires for such a long time because of these divine notions which he has around this number and according to him it is very important for him and his family to get this number. There are also other examples where people have bizarre reasons to book their favorite numbers. The registration office is flooded with the people who want to get their lucky numbers.

Engineer Azlan Mohd Moosa who is 32 years old and has three vehicles is looking for the number AKU 7171. According to him 7171 is the lucky number for him and his family. The last digit of his and his wife’s phone number is 7171. Datuk Seri Hasmiza Othman, cosmetics millionaire who is also known as DR Vida is also expecting her special number but she didn’t mention it in front of everyone. The Perak registration which is the most expensive is sold for RM28800 and the number is AKK1. This is the most expensive registration so far.