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About Us

Started up in 2008, and our exotic number plate collection have grown from hundred to thousand ever since. From our humble beggining as Premium Mobile Number collector and now as one of the largest auto tag registration industry. We call ourself as number enthusiast collector.Our ultimate goals are to be the biggest car plate collector in Malaysia, we purchase and reserve the best VIP number for our client.

Guide to acquire our JPJ running number

So you’ve reserved your amazing automobile. You’ve bought your vehicle for a great cost, and selected your perfect specs. You have a brilliant shade chosen for your own car to stand out, and you also might even add a couple of changes down the road. Nevertheless, there’s still one thing you need to complete that ride that is amazing and it’s the JPJ number plate.

1) Pick Your Favourite Number

2) Message us to check for availability

3) Seat back and relax ,we will deal with your Ownership Transfer

VIP Car Plate

Special Car Plate

Golden Number

New Number

A Number Plate for Perak

B Number Plate for Selangor

C Number Plate for Pahang

D Number Plate for Kelantan

F Number Plate for Putrajaya

J Number Plate for Johor

K Number Plate for Kedah

M Number Plate for Malacca

N Number Plate for Negeri Sembilan

P Number Plate for Penang

R Number Plate for Perlis

T Number Plate for Terengganu

V Number Plate for Kuala Lumpur

W Number Plate for Kuala Lumpur

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Peraturan Reka Bentuk Nombor Plat

Peraturan Reka Bentuk Nombor Plat Format standard semasa bagi plat nombor Malaysia pada asalnya diterbitkan semasa pra-1932 di United Kingdom,

Cara-cara Mendaftar Nombor Plat

Cara-cara Mendaftar Nombor Plat Cara-cara mendaftar nombor plate di Pejabat JPJ Cara-cara mendaftar nombor platPelanggan yang berminat membeli JPJ number